- COVID-19 -

Our Coronavirus statement

COVID-19 Statement

We are open!

In light of the governments easing of restrictions announcement we want to inform all guests that we will be keeping to table service only going forward after the 19th July. We have listened to all our customers who have really enjoyed it & have felt safer with it in place. As cases are still on the rise, we want to do everything we can to keep everyone feeling as happy & safe as possible. We look forward to welcoming everyone & serving you whilst you sit back & relax.

Our new opening times are as follows:

Monday–Thursday - Midday–8:30pm

Friday–Saturday - Midday–8:45pm

Sunday - Midday–8:00pm

VAT Reduction Statement

As many of you will know the Chancellor recently announced a measure of assistance to help the hospitality sector. From the 15th July he has reduced the amount of VAT we will have to pay on our prices over the next 6 months.

Rishi Sunak noted that ‘These changes are being brought in as an urgent response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to support businesses severely affected by forced closures and social distancing measures.’

We have carefully considered what this means for us here at The Queen’s Inn. Some businesses have chosen to use this VAT to reduce prices to stimulate demand for their business…..that is after all their prerogative but it is far from mandatory. The Chancellors intention was definitely not to enable everyone to have a cheaper holiday.

Overall the hotel sector has decided the most prudent use of this reduction in VAT bills, is to use it to reduce their tax burdens on their businesses over the next 6 months following 100 plus days of little to no income. We stand fully behind this thought process.

I am proud to say that all the jobs of every single member of our team have been protected & not a single member of staff has been made redundant. Our team’s livelihood’s rest in our hands & we feel we must make the correct decisions to ensure going forward that we can continue to provide secure employment for them.

I would also like to add as we have since opened, we have not increased any of our prices since before lockdown & as we all know we are now running at a reduced capacity due to social distancing measures & keeping everyone safe. We have also incurred a great deal of extra costs due to screens, signage, sanitising stations that we do not think we would survive with price reductions.

We are proud of the industry we are in & everyone who works in it through these challenging times. This is one of the most rewarding industries to a part of & we hope all local pubs, cafés, hotels, etc survive after all our towns, cities & villages would be soulless without them.

We will of course be a part of the Government’s Eat out to help out scheme to enable customers a cheaper dining experience.

We thank you all for your understanding & we look forward to welcoming you to The Queen’s Inn. We thank you all for your support & kindness as this Industry fights to get back on it’s feet.